Nagaland Building and Other Construction Workers' Welfare Board

Department of Labour, Government of Nagaland

government of nagaland

CSC (Common Service Centre) users

District Name Email Phone Address
Mon Yopong P M Konyak 8414042885 Wakching Town
Mon Epha 7659811670 Mon
Mon Ewang 7085127520 Mon
Mon Pelong 8730813302 Wakching
Mon M Panglem 8119072901 Tanlao ward mon
Mon Omwang 8415996859 Mon
Mon Nokzei 8414040819 Wakching
Mon KHEMLAO KONYAK 9612215370 Totok Chingnyu
Mon Yathap 8974995462 Shangnyu
Mon Langyem 9089492199 Mon
Mon Manton 9862839720 Tizit
Mon Tingthoak 8732848626 Tizit
Mon Zingkhah 9366334190 Tizit
Mon Manni 7005505803 Chen
Mon Angki 9862129091 Monyakshu village
Mon Hamthan 8731970766 Tizit
Mon Joshep 8413822069 Mon
Mon W Koilih Konyak 8414937048 Choknyu
Mon Leirong 8974366178 Aboi
Mon Wangka 9862051370 Chen
Mon Manyeih 8974634303 Mon
Mon Jahwang 9612008227 Tizit
Mon MANKHAH KONYAK 8416090246 Tizit HQ,
Mon M Tingyat K 8974486784 Tanlao ward
Mon Yanpong 7085862699 Mon
Mon Yeangpong 8974756163 Tizit
Mon PANGKHAH KONYAK 8116948453 Shiyong Village
Mon Khango 9862993134 Monyakshu
Mon Honjong 9366429740 Chen
Mon C Shenok Chitba 8732021307 Tobu azaar Tobu Town
Mon Monkhong 8414071914 Mon
Mon Simon 9862349483 Mon
Mon Chiong Konyak 7627989592 Shiyong Village
Mon Methna L Konyak 9862879598 Wagiem Ward Mon
Mon Hanghuh 8974471010 Angjangyang
Mon Y Mannya Konyak 9612250810 Tanhai Village
Mon Ngamlem 7628832817 Chen
Mon NANWANG W 8132869648 Shamnyu ward
Mon Achat 8974741361 Mopong
Mon Haokam 8730868760 Tizit
Mon Yongkhap 8575918156 Angjangyang
Mon Daniel 8732006446 Aboi
Mon Y K Essang Maonyu 7085191773 Tobu Town
Mon Mantick 8413982019 Thamnan Ward
Mon Nanwang 8132869648 Mon
Mon Changme 8974864453 Mon
Mon P CHINGAO 8731819896 Shiyong Village
Mon Kamnyei 9612604665 Chen
Mon NOKAI N KONYAK 8119824178 New site mon

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